Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Short and Sweet Weddings

This week and next I want to talk about the types of weddings that we offer at Remembrance Weddings. The first type we refer to as Short and Sweet. The second type we refer to as Pretty and Planned.

Wedding in Tower Grove Park
Pricing on the two types is directly related to the amount of time that is required to prepare the wedding materials and perform the wedding ceremony.

From previous blogs you may already know that it is my personal belief that all couples deserve the Pretty and Planned wedding which usually runs between 20-30 minutes. My reasoning is simple. Marriage is a significant event in anyone's life. To me, the ceremony that goes with it should be significant as well....representing the significant event that it is, and customized to reflect the bride and groom. 

But not everyone wants that kind of wedding. They don't have the time, the patience, the money to have the Pretty and Planned Wedding. Or they've been married before, are military getting shipped out, folks finalizing immigration status....there are many reasons.

Our "Short and Sweet" wedding is a better choice than a courthouse wedding for many folks. First of all weddings at the courthouse are done once a week or once a month depending on the county and are often backed up so you must wait to marry. But the courthouse wedding is pretty basic and can feel like an assembly line process.

Our "Short and Sweet" wedding is a pretty 7 to 10 minute ceremony. It is pre-written without any input from the bride and groom. We offer this ceremony in both religious and non religious versions. The other choice for this wedding is with ring exchange or without. 

All you need is a Marriage License (from the state where the ceremony will be held,) two witnesses and a couple of hours notice. We will do this ceremony at the location of your choice or we can suggest locations. 

We prepare for you, as part of our service, a personalized bound copy of your wedding ceremony text and a color Certificate of Marriage. 

We also refer to our Short and Sweet weddings as WedXpress weddings and we have a whole website devoted to them. Click on this link to be taken to

For more information on either a Short and Sweet" or Pretty and Planned ceremony call 314-965-5648.

Charles Million

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