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Have you ever turned down a couples invitation to perform a wedding ceremony and why?

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 Have you ever turned down a couples invitation to perform a wedding ceremony and why did you turn them down?

I was approached by two women who wanted a ceremony.  I was agreeable to performing a ceremony. I did explain that since Missouri does not honor same sex marriages it would not be legally recognized.  The woman on the phone said she understood that.

We planned out the tone of the ceremony, what rituals they were interested in having me perform , the types of vows, procession et al. 

I sent her an agreement for a Commitment Covenant Ceremony.  I received a call from both women who expressed their displeasure that they wanted the agreement and the ceremony text to use the word "Marriage."

I explained that Missouri law contained a specific provision against using the word "Marriage" in a same sex ceremony and penalties included fines and the loss of my right to perform marriages in Missouri.  The insisted that the wanted the ceremony text to use the word "Marriage."

I respectfully declined to perform the ceremony.

I respect the right of same sex couples to marry and am happy to work with them so their special day is everything they want it to be. Now Illinois recognizes same sex marriages.

I am pleased to offer services to same sex couples.  I f Missouri same sex couples wish a ceremony, I can perform a Commitment Covenant in Missouri or a marriage ceremony in Illinois.

Illinois same sex couples, I am happy to work with you on your marriage ceremony.

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